Edible Cannabis Products

Edible cannabis products from Angry Errl offer a discreet and effective way to enjoy the myriad benefits of cannabis, rivaling the therapeutic potential of other forms with the added advantage of controlled dosing. The key to maximizing the benefits of our edibles lies in understanding the right dosage, as the intensity and duration of the effects are closely tied to the amount consumed.


At Angry Errl, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction by providing a diverse selection of safe cannabis edibles tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences. Whether you’re seeking relief, relaxation, or a gentle introduction to the world of cannabis, our carefully curated product lineup is designed with your wellbeing in mind.


Dive into our cannabis edibles guide to navigate through the dosing landscape, finding your perfect equilibrium. It’s important to remember that the journey with edible cannabis products is highly individual, with effects varying based on personal tolerance, metabolism, and the specific product chosen.


We invite you to explore the discreet and safe way to medicate with Angry Errl’s premium edibles. Trust in the expertise and commitment of Angry Errl to guide you through the enriching world of edible cannabis, where every product is a testament to safety, quality, and efficacy.

Assorted Edible Cannabis Products by Angry Errl

2oz bottles, six different flavors and 2 dosing options to suite any taste.
Dose your way through dinner. Medicate the tasty way.

The top or cap doubles as a measuring cup.
(2) cap full's have 10mg THC.

Angry Errl Cannabis Gummies Assortment

A flavorful chamoy gummy, tossed in tajin and sugar for the right spice.

Angry Errl Kickers in Six Flavors for Culinary Creativity

.5oz Hot Shot in 2 dosing options in six different flavors.
Dose your way through dinner.

6 Hot sauce flavors

A great way to spice up any dish with 6 flavors

  • Mild Buffalo
  • Hot Buffalo
  • Chamoy
  • Louisiana’s Favorite
  • Dabatio
  • Sriracha
.5oz Hot Shot
  • 10mg THC
  • 20mg THC
2oz Kicker
  • 100mg THC
  • 250mg THC
  • 500mg THC


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